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Wellness and wellbeing in the workplace is a key focus for today’s business owners and senior managers.

A happy work-force is also a productive one, with maintaining wellbeing a primary factor in positive staff attendance and retention.

According to the Office for National Statistics study: Sickness absence in the labour market 2016 137.3 million working days were lost to sickness or injury in 2016.

The primary reasons for sickness absence include musculoskeletal problems at 22.4% (including back pain, neck and upper limb problems) Mental health issues are also a growing factor in workplace absence with 11.5% of sickness leave attributed to stress, depression, anxiety, and more serious conditions such as manic depression and schizophrenia.

Comprehensive medical insurance, compatible with the needs of your business, provides effective support for workers and helps to promote a culture centred on the wellbeing of staff. Early intervention helps to reduce the number of business days lost to sickness and injury.

Private health cover remains one of the most requested and valued employee benefits and is highly attractive to potential employees. This can be a useful tool in helping you to recruit skilled staff and stay ahead of the competition.

At Visibly Health, we have access to the industry’s leading products and would be delighted to work with you to source the most suitable policy for your company at the best price.

If you’ve already got private health cover for your business, but you are unhappy with the cost, or increase in premium, then please contact us and we will source the best cover for you available on the market.

At Visibly Health we are committed to every one of our clients and where necessary will always ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure you receive the best solution for your needs each year.

Visibly Health offers the following corporate products:

  • Private Health Cover
  • International Medical Insurance
  • Corporate Healthcare Trusts
  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
  • Group Income Protection
  • Company Life Insurance
  • Company Critical Illness Cover
  • Occupational Health
  • Business Travel
  • Cash Plans & Dental Plans

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