Saving Mrs Proctor money – and time

Mrs Proctor liked to stay with the same insurer every year, but having just received her renewal documents, she found unfortunately the cost of her policy had increased by nearly 50% from the previous year and was now too expensive for her. Trying to look at alternatives, she found comparing other insurers and the numerous levels of cover on offer confusing, with so many different levels of benefits and very time consuming. She decided to contact us to carry out an independent market comparison and at the same time help her to understand what the benefits and choices were in plain English, making sure that we carefully allowed for her current medical situation; so that she could make an informed decision on what healthcare cover to choose from at the renewal of her policy. Having carried out the market review we obtained a discount and advised amending some of the benefits, resulting in a substantial cost saving, whilst remaining with the same insurer, which she was happy to do.

* Names have been changed for data protection reasons