Real help when Simon H needed it

Simon, who is self-employed and a keen runner took out private medical insurance several years ago on our advice. He took out a policy which he was happy with and we endeavour every year to keep costs affordable for him by carrying out an annual review. This helps make sure it remains both affordable with a level of cover that is suitable for his needs. Last year Simon started to experience pain in his left knee which was progressively worsening. His GP recommended a knee operation and wanted to refer him to a consultant. After his GP explained that NHS operation wait times can be often prolonged, he decided to go privately. Therefore from seeing the consultant a few days later, he then had the operation within two weeks. Because Simon’s treatment was carried out promptly, he was not only back at work a week later, but he was able to go back to running again, starting with gentle exercise and back to running just a few weeks after that.

* Names have been changed for data protection reasons