Yes, we can. Even if your choices prove to be limited, because of the claims that were made and depending on what your medical situation is, we should still be able to provide you with affordable choices and at the same time protect your current medical situation.

Once we have reviewed your requirements, we can then provide you more affordable, alternative choices and help you decide. Call and speak to one of our advisers without obligation. We don’t charge fees for our service.


Because pricing of this type of insurance varies considerably and each company scheme is also uniquely priced, we need to know some information from you first. There are several pricing factors involved and the costs will also vary from insurer to insurer, who can each offer different levels of cover, with a wide range of benefits to choose from.

As this is our area of expertise we are best placed to help you and by being independent and impartial, using our expertise to assess your requirements we will be able to source the most cost effective suitable policy for your company.

Which is why it is important to use a broker, especially if you are considering this type of insurance for the first time, as we can obtain pricing from a range of insurers. This is better than limiting your choice by going directly to an insurer, who can only provide their own products. Call, or email to discuss further for us to help you.


Many people share your concerns when using the NHS these days, as this has meant enduring longer delays, as well as cancelled procedures before having some of the most common forms of surgery. According to recent research from the Patients Association who said in their Patient Voice Impact report published in 2016, that NHS “Trusts cancelled an average of 753 patient surgeries ‘on the day’ in 2015. Average waiting times for five procedures (hip replacement, knee replacement, hernia, adenoid and tonsillectomies) are above 100 days, which represents the highest average waiting time in the six years data has been collected by the Patients Association”.

In regard to an increase of people taking out medical insurance, according to the Guardian on January 16th 2017, they said ‘The number of people in Britain taking out private medical insurance has risen significantly for the first time since 2008, amid fears about the ongoing crisis gripping the NHS’.

Therefore, an alternative is to go privately treatment and take out a medical insurance policy to pay for these treatments. Which means that wait times are usually much lower with access to high standards in quality of care and in most cases your own room with en-suite bathroom facilities. Call us to find out how much this would cost, to see what would be covered and what your choices are.


Yes, unfortunately there are companies who cold-call to try and sell their products and services through telesales type operations. But as a specialist independent medical insurance broker we are different. We arrange to speak to you at a time that is convenient to you, in order to carefully determine and understand your requirements, so we are then able to advise you on which insurer would be suitable. We can then find the best, most cost effective policy we can, that is right for you personally and your family: We would then review this for you every year with all the major health insurers.

Call and speak to one of our advisers who will be happy to help.


In this country, with the fact the NHS is generally free at the point use, there is a tendency by some to take the free medical treatment we receive for granted. However, most employers would want to make sure their employees have sufficient and suitable cover in place when sending them to work abroad. As without making any provision, people moving abroad would need to be prepared to pay for anything medically that they currently do not have to pay for in the UK. This can range from physiotherapy to ease a bad back, to unexpected emergency treatment; all of which could cost several thousands. Not forgetting everyday healthcare like seeing a GP, obtaining prescriptions and dental and optical treatments.

Call or email us today and we can help source a suitable policy for these employees to take that important precaution to protect them abroad.


As a broker, we carry out a market review every year for our clients.

This means we compare your policy with other insurers and proactively help you with other choices to keep the costs as low as possible– every year.

Call or email us.


Most medical insurance policies cover cancer treatments and drugs. With survival times increasing due to advances in cancer treatments and drugs, many people want to have the peace of mind that they have a policy which gives them quick access to high quality cancer care and treatments at top hospitals: This will also cover biological therapies and drugs.

Cancer cover with insurers can vary from having no cover, to limited cover, to having full cancer cover.

For advice on a policy that covers cancer treatment and the various levels of cover, then please contact us, so we can advise you further on what is available from medical insurers.

In response to your concerns on cancer wait times, according to the Macmillan cancer support charity (March 2017) The 62-day waiting time target in England has dropped below 80% for the first time on record. Meaning in January this year one in five cancer patients (20.3%) – almost 2,500 people – had to wait more than two months for their treatment to start.  Almost 1,000 people waited for more than three months for treatment to start. Performance is below 70% for both lung and lower gastrointestinal cancer. More than half of hospital trusts (58%) missed the target in January.


As experts, we are able to carry out Employee Benefits reviews for each of these different types of insurances to suit your company. Visibly Health is not tied to one insurer which means we can source the market for you.

Give us a call for us to arrange this review, so we can provide you with a proposal that will be tailored to your company’s needs.